William Waldren. The Alchemist's Footprint

Joan Bonet

68' | 2021 | Spain
VO: Catalan ... | Subt: Catalan ...

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William Waldren (1924-2003), a multifaceted, restless, charismatic and controversial artist, arrived in Mallorca in 1953. A pioneer and self-taught in archaeology and the study of the prehistory of the Balearic Islands, he excavated the sites of Muleta (where he found more than a thousand Myotragus Balearicus) and Son Matge (one of the oldest witnesses of human settlement in the Balearic Islands). He applied the Carbon 14 dating method for the first time. Epicentre of the cultural movement in Deiá since the late 1950s, he was a painter, sculptor, artistic designer and a lover of his host land and its people. A true entrepreneur who, over time, managed to become a benchmark in the world of archaeology.

  • Original Title: William Waldren. La huella del alquimista

    Director: Joan Bonet

    Sort by Running Time: 68'

    Year of production: 2021

  • Category: Documentary


    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: La Perifèrica Produccions

  • Language of dialogues: CatalanDutchEnglish

    Subtitle language: CatalanSpanishEnglish


Tag: Art, Discovery, Caves, Mallorca, European cinema


- 21st International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidasoa 2021 - Grand Prize of the Festival: ex-aequo (Spain)

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Joan Bonet Spain Director


Technician in Audiovisual Media by the Institute of Radio and Television of Barcelona, has worked as a sound technician, cameraman and producer for different production companies, private television channels as well as for the two public televisions based in Mallorca: IB3 and Television de Mallorca.
He has written and directed the documentary Madame Colette's Suitcase (documentary, 2019). In recent years he has been in charge of audio post-production on several series and documentaries.



William Waldren. The alchemist's footprints
(2021) Documentary - director
Madame Colette's Suitcase (2019) Documentary - director



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