The People’s Girls

Colette Ghunim
Tinne Van Loon

27' | 2016 | Egypt
VO: Arab ... | Subt: English

Social issues  |  Women  |  Current Affairs

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Sexual harassment is a growing problem in Egypt, especially in Cairo. Through a series of interviews and social experiments, The People’s Girls takes a closer look at who is to blame, as well as how women are fighting back.

  • Original Title: The People’s Girls

    Director: Colette Ghunim
    Tinne Van Loon

    Sort by Running Time: 27'

    Year of production: 2016

  • Category: Documentary

    Genre/Theme: Social issues, Women, Current Affairs

    Nationality: Egypt

    Productora: Nojara Productions

  • Language of dialogues: ArabEnglish

    Subtitle language: English


Tag: Women, Machismo, Sexual abuse, Cairo, Egypt, Africa, Gender equality, Currently, Feminism, Middle East, Women in film


Best Short Documentary – Arab Film Festival San Franciso, USA 2016
Ambassador Award – Rhode Island Film Festival 2016
Best Egyptian Film – International Open Film Festival 2016
Silver Remi Award – Worldfest Houston USA 2016
Official Selection – We The People Film Festival London 2016
Finalist – Censored Women’s Film Festival Berlin 2019

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Colette Ghunim United States Director

Currently based in Chicago, Colette Ghunim’s purpose lies at the cross section of social impact and visual storytelling. Colette Ghunim co-directed The People’s Girls, an award-winning documentary investigating the issue of sexual harassment in Cairo, Egypt. Her film was selected in several festivals, and it won Best Short Documentary at the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, as well as the Humanitarian Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, an Oscar-qualifier. Colette Ghunim has been featured in Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed, CNN, TEDx, and other major international news channel for her work.  

Tinne Van Loon United States Director

Tinne Van Loon is a Belgian American documentary photographer and filmmaker. She works on social issues concerning Middle Eastern communities, with a special focus on women's issues. Her work provides a greater context to the headlines, finding the everyday impact of political and social conflicts. She is also the founder of Everyday Egypt, a collective of 20 photographers showing images of everyday life in Egypt to over 400,000 followers on social media platforms. The People's Girls is her first documentary film. 

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