Alexis Chartrand

19' | 2016 | Canada
VO: French | Subt: English

Drama  |  Women

7 public score (1 votes)


Sophie is aiming to the surface after her fall, having to face her entourage. She's unable to trust them anymore: she knows their intentions and stays cautious because behind their nice gestures lie darker motives. (Adapted from the graphic novel by Zviane)


Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Camille Mongeau, Guillaume Laurin, Jade-Mariuka Robitaille, Marie-France Marcotte, Daniel Malenfant & Maurice Chartrand

  • Original Title: Apnée

    Director: Alexis Chartrand

    Sort by Running Time: 19'

    Year of production: 2016

  • Category: Fiction

    Genre/Theme: Drama , Women

    Nationality: Canada

    Productora: ON EST 10

  • Language of dialogues: French

    Subtitle language: English

    Movie Rating: Suitable for all audiences


Tag: Women, Psychology, Comic Book Adaptation, Mental Health

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Alexis Chartrand Canada Director

At the age of 18, he went on a 5-year-old journey from the Yukon to the Algarve. Armed with a Minolta X-300, he takes pictures of the people he meets and the landscapes he contemplates. On his back, Alexis loses all of his pictures. Since then, it tries to re-glue and reinvent lost images.

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